Collection Overviews

Below is a list of digital collections recently added  or in progress at Amherst College Library. Our focus since 2017 has been in adding collections related to the Amherst College Bicentennial as we prepare for the celebrations in 2021, and have some connection to Amherst College’s history. To see more of our digital collections, please visit Amherst College Digital Collections (ACDC).

Bicentennial collections

Amherst College Administrative Publications Collection

Admission Office, Annual Reports to Secondary Schools

Amherst College Class Album Collection (selection)

Amherst College Commencement Collection

Amherst College Early History Collection

Amherst College Early History Manuscripts & Pamphlets Collection 

Amherst College Photographer Records, 1960-2005 (ongoing)

Amherst College Scrapbooks Collection (selection)

Amherst College Student and Alumni Publications Collection (selection)

Buildings and Grounds Collection, 1820 – (selection)

Dean of Faculty Records, Public Meeting Minutes

Dramatic Activities Collection, 1826-present (selection)

Sidney Brooks (AC 1841) Papers

Frederick Brewster Loomis (AC 1896) Papers

Justin Perkins (AC 1829) Papers, circa 1830-1869

Henry J. Van Lennep (AC 1837) Sketches and Papers, 1834-1879

Featured Collections

A photograph of Chuck Berry playing the guitar at prom

College Photographer Negatives

Amherst College Photographer Records Collection contains more than 400,000 images taken by official college photographers from 1960-2005. The collection contains primarily 35mm black and white negatives that document college events, people and places. Read More.

Program of the 1936 Amherst College commencement ceremony

Commencement Collection

The Commencement programs in the Amherst College Commencement Collection are now available in ACDC. The Amherst College Commencement Collection contains commencement programs, news articles, speeches, class week programs and schedules of events, tickets for events held during class week and commencement, poems, student addresses and other items relating to commencements. Read More.

Dean of Faculty public meeting minutes & Committee of Six minutes, box 3 folder 1, 1958

Dean of Faculty. Public meeting minutes.

The Dean of Faculty Records, Public Meeting Minutes are now available in ACDC.  Since these records are restricted until 50 years after their date of creation and since the records were ingested into ACDC in 2019, only minutes in the collection created before 1970 are currently available.  Read more.

Other relevant collections

The following collections were originally part of our Bicentennial planning in the library, but for various reasons have not been added to our digital collections. Some are available online in other forms, most are available in the college archives and special collections, and we hope to include them in our digitization efforts in the future.