The Student & Alumni Publications Collection is a collection of literary, humor and news publications, largely written and edited by Amherst College students and alumni, but also including Five-College publications and publications edited by the college for students and alumni.

Front page of February 18 1970 Amherst Student with headline of "Blacks Seize Buildings"
Front page story in the February 1970 Amherst Student: Black students from across the 5 Colleges occupy Amherst College buildings in a show of strength and as a demonstration of Black community.

Amherst College students have been creating and publishing their own work from the earliest years of the school. From the handwritten La Critique (1829) through the Student (the campus newspaper, published since 1869), on to Gaia (2015-2016), an environmentally-themed magazine, the student publications are extensive and eclectic. The second half of this collection consists of alumni publications, including the Amherst Graduates’ Quarterly (1911-1949) and Amherst, the current alumni magazine (1949-present). Five-College publications include collaborative student-created publications written for the Five-College community.

This large collection records student and alumni experiences, creativity, news, and events throughout much of the college’s history. Most aspects of college life are reflected in one or more publications found here, no matter your interest—athletics, literature, social events, or political action. Given the size of this collection, we will be digitizing material throughout the Bicentennial project.

This collection is scheduled for digitization and description in Year One (2018) of our Bicentennial project.

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