Dramatic Activities Collection

The Dramatic Activities collection compiles over 180 years of performances at Amherst College. This comprehensive and varied collection contains 14 individual series. The first series comprises the majority of the collection; programs, newspaper clippings, photographs and other material documenting dramatic productions at the college. The remainder of the collection (Series 2- 14) contains supporting subject material; documents about the performance spaces on campus, performance groups, photographic and video documentation as well as items related to the general history of dramatic activates at Amherst. The collection also contains items relating to The Masquers; an Amherst theater group active 1898 to 1962.

Costume designs, Dramatic Activities Collection box COS-1
Costume designs, Dramatic Activities Collection box COS-1

The collections provides an almost continuous documentation of the student experience here at Amherst making it a priority for the Bicentennial project. The wide range of objects; posters, scripts, masks, photographs and costume designs provides almost 200 years of insight to the history of performance and theater in higher education.

The collection is scheduled to be digitized during the third year of the bicentennial project (2019-2020). During the lead up to digitization the collection will be re-processed by the Bicentennial Archivist. Due to the sheer volume of material (45.5 Linear ft) the Archivist will limit the scope for digitization in order to have it ready by 2020.

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