Amherst College Administrative Publications Collection

The Administrative Publications Collection is now available in ACDC.

The Administrative Publications Collection is an artificial collection that consists of publications produced by various units of the Amherst College administration for a broad campus audience and administrative publications for a five college audience. The collection includes course catalogs; student, faculty and alumni directories; handbooks; facebooks; calendars; annual reports; and news and outreach publications. For the Bicentennial project, we plan to only digitize the student handbooks and the annual announcements of courses. Course catalogs were previously digitized and form their own collection in ACDC. Researchers interested in documentation of the students, faculty, and courses will find material of interest in this collection.

Amherst College Catalog, 1821-1822
List of “Senior Sophisters,” “Junior Sophisters,” and “Sophomores” from the first Amherst College Catalog

Publications created by students and alumni, including the Amherst Graduates’ Quarterly/Amherst magazine, can be found in the Amherst College Student and Alumni Publications Collection.

This collection was digitized and described in Year Two (2019) of our Bicentennial project, and is now available in ACDC.

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  • You can also check out the collection’s finding aid online. Much of the information in this post can be attributed to the related finding aid.
  • You can also view our technical documentation for this project.
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