Buildings and Grounds Collection

Johnson Chapel exterior, 1992 Oct
Johnson Chapel exterior, 1992 Oct

The Buildings and Grounds Collection contains a wide range of material concerning the buildings, grounds, and architects of the College. One aspect of the collection which draws a fair amount of research interest are the photos of campus buildings. Some of the photos from the 1960s onward duplicate those found in the College Photographer Records, but many photos in this collection are from the early 20th century, and may be the only record of how the campus or a particular building looked during that time.

The Buildings and Grounds Collection is currently undergoing extensive archival reassessment and re-processing. Because of this work, we don’t know what the new organization of the collection will be, and also don’t know which pieces of the collection will make the most sense to digitize. For the Bicentennial project, we plan to only digitize a limited number of series or groups of material, since the collection is so large (it takes up over 100 linear feet of shelf space in the Archives).

This collection is scheduled to be partially digitized and described during Year Three (2020) of our Bicentennial project.

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