Frederick Brewster Loomis (AC 1896) Papers

This collection of professional papers contains correspondence, lectures, scientific articles in print and typescript, teaching materials, and research notes related to the paleontological and educational work of Dr. Loomis, discoverer of the mammoth skeleton held at the Beneski museum, both at Amherst College and in the field.

Frederick Brewster Loomis lecture on Camels
Frederick Brewster Loomis lecture on Camels

Dr. Frederic Brewster Loomis spent his life and career within the community of Amherst College—first as a student (class of 1896), then as a dedicated teacher and scientist. Professionally, he was a vertebrate paleontologist, and conducted expeditions across the continental United States and in Native American nations.

This collection is scheduled for ingest into ACDC in year three (2020) of our Bicentennial project.

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