Digitizing the college archives and special collections

Welcome to the Digital Collections of Amherst College. This website hosts a blog and project pages where we share the work we do to digitize, organize and share materials from the archives and special collections. This website reflects collaborative work between the Digital Programs, Archives & Special Collections, and Technical Services departments of Frost Library at Amherst College.

Amherst College History

In 2021 Amherst College will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the founding of college. In the Amherst College Library, we are working on a series of projects to select, digitize, describe, and make available online materials from the college archives and special collections to help capture some of the history of the institution. Here are a selection of images from the vast digital collection added over the past few years. Read more.

  • students gathered on Amherst College campus
  • photograph of the 1902 Amherst College baseball team
  • Front page of November 2 1974 Amherst Student with "We're Coed!" headline
  • student and parent, family weekend 2001
  • Students sitting during walkout war protest
  • photograph of "Statement of Instruction" for freshman and sophomores
  • students painting the seven sister mountain range
  • Amherst Student front page, with candid shots of students and a list of topics from the year, like coeducation, Nixon, fraternities, and Elton John.