The Early President’s Office Records are being combined into a new records group called the Presidents’ Office Records as a result of changes in Archives & Special Collections’ handling of records from College offices. This sub-set of the Presidents’ Office records group focuses on the first seven presidents of Amherst College: Presidents Moore, Humphrey, Hitchcock, Stearns, Seelye, Gates, and Harris.

William Stearns faculty meeting notes, 1872
William Stearns faculty meeting notes, 1872

This records group contains clippings, correspondence, and other records documenting of the public face of the Amherst College President’s Office. It includes invitations and requests for information, as well as correspondence and other documents related to institutional associations such as the American Council on Education, Association of Colleges in New England and New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

Because of the re-organization happening in Archives, the Bicentennial Working Group has not yet determined whether we will digitize this entire records group, or some sub-set. Factors in this decision will include the size of the records group when processing is finished, how late into the three-year project processing is completed, and how much substantive material about each president is present in the records group.

This records group is scheduled for digitization and description in year three (2020) of our Bicentennial project.

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