Buildings and Grounds Collection

black and white photograph of Amherst, MA featuring Amherst College, 1800s


Size: ca. 100 linear feet (only selected portions will be digitized)


Year one (2017 – 2018): re-processing

Year two (2018 – 2019): start partial digitization, start metadata

  • Pre-digitization surveys: Not yet started
  • Digitization start
  • Metadata start
  • May ingest portions as metadata is completed

Year three (2019 – 2020): finish partial digitization & metadata

  • Digitization (of partial collection) complete
  • Metadata complete
  • Ingest selections into ACDC


  • This collection is getting completely re-organized and re-thought as part of Archives’ larger project of standardization.

You can also view our collection overview for this project.