Amherst College Photographer Records

black and white photograph of Amherst, MA featuring Amherst College, 1800s

Size: ca. 70 linear feet (only selected portions will be digitized)
Pre-dig surveys: not yet completed
Trello card [restricted to internal users; contact us to learn more]
Finding aid: not yet online
Collection overview

Year one (2017 – 2018): begin partial digitization
– Pre-digitization surveys: In process
– Archives will recommend jobs for digitization & assist with selection
– Digitization start

Year two (2018 – 2019): continue digitization, start metadata
– Digitization ongoing
– Metadata start
– May ingest portions as metadata is completed

Year three (2019 – 2020): finish partial digitization & metadata
– Digitization (of partial collection) complete
– Metadata complete
– Ingest all completed jobs into ACDC


  • Eventually, we hope to digitize this collection in full, but how much we can get done by the bicentennial will depend on time and money.
  • Rather than outsourcing digitization, we have chosen to purchase a Digital Transitions camera rig that is well-suited for negative digitization.
  • Some of the jobs from the pilot project will have slightly incorrect job numbers in ACDC since their job numbers changed in the finding aid after ingest. It is only the roll number part of the job number that may have been effected. For instance this job in ACDC has the job number as 11-72-1-2 as it used to be. However, the job number for that photographic job in the finding aid is now just 11-72-1. We are not correcting these at this time since A&SC won’t have trouble pulling original files for users requesting these jobs since it’s just the roll number inclusion that has changed.
  • A&SC is deciding what to have different in ACDC versus as it is described/arranged in the finding aid: Some ACDC jobs will include multiple jobs that have separate lines in the finding aid. Shelf location in the metadata record will note the various jobs included.