Dean of Faculty Records, Public Meeting Minutes

black and white photograph of Amherst, MA featuring Amherst College, 1800s

Size: 10 linear feet
Pre-dig surveys:
I:\DigitalPrograms\PreDigitizationSurveys\ma00254_DeanOfFacultyPublicMinutes [restricted to internal users; contact us to learn more]
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Year one (2017 – 2018): digitize, start metadata
– Pre-digitization surveys: In process
– Digitization start
– Digitization complete
– Metadata start
– Metadata complete
– Ingest into ACDC


  • For this collection, we will not separate the minutes for each individual faculty meeting. Instead, material will be digitized and described at the folder level, since each folder represents and academic year per academic year. Will result in some very large objects but Sarah and Tim will experiment with OCR on this collection and evaluate quality of results. Eventually allowing full text searching of documents would mitigate the challenges users will face when trying to finding specific documents within any given digital object. – BOG 11/1/17
  • Series B: Committee of Six Minutes, 1932-2016 contains the original minutes, many of which are duplicated (in photocopy form) in box 3, “Faculty and Committee of Six Meeting Minutes, 1958-1974.” These duplicates are interfiled with the Faculty Meeting Minutes. For the ease of digitization, we will digitize the interfiled photocopies (in box 3) and not the original, standalone Committee of Six Minutes (in box 6). Digitizing the originals would require Digital Programs to flag the photocopies interfiled in box 3 with “do not digitize,” which would be too time-consuming. – BOG 11/1/17
  • Also, Committee of Six minutes interfiled with the Faculty Meeting minutes will be included as they currently exist, and not be separated out. Will make clear in the metadata when a digital object contains both. – BOG 11/1/17
  • For now, we will digitize minutes through 1968. If we have time at the end of the Bicentennial Project, we will come back for 1969 and 1970. This is because we may ingest a large portion of what we digitize in 2018, and we could accidentally violate the 50 year restriction. – BOG 11/1/17
  • Do not digitize Box 1, folders 1, 2, 3, and 5B. – PDSG 11/2/17
  • Archives is currently thinking about whether there are any privacy issues with this collection, and what “open” really means. – PDSG 11/2/17

You can also view our collection overview for this project.