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black and white photograph of Amherst, MA featuring Amherst College, 1800s

Interview with Alena Smith

poem written on part of envelope

Guest post by Campbell Hannan, ’21 “This show could never have been made if there wasn’t this digital archive.” When I posted a side-by-side comparison of George Gould (Class of 1850) and Samuel Farnsworth, the actor who plays him on the Apple TV+ show Dickinson, as the weekly installation of my Fridays with Emily feature…Continue Reading Interview with Alena Smith

Looking back with kindly eyes –

image of scrapbook from 1880's

Our very first digitized scrapbook is now available! Thanks to William Belcher Whitney (1887). It is January of 2020, and this marks the ending of the more than three year Bicentennial digitization project in the library to add college history materials to our digital collection.  Though we will continue to add new collections throughout the…Continue Reading Looking back with kindly eyes –